About Us


Base HP Pvt Ltd id a Sri Lankan Corporate entity established to market and service internationally recognized high quality IT brands and peripherals including HP Products. It has since inception been proactively engaged in delivering highly specialized, most modern and much sought after hardware and software based solutions backed by technical know-how and support solutions to state institutions and privet sector enterprises as well, for not less than a decade. We the Base HP Pvt Ltd have committed ourselves to fan out IT knowledge in a socially resolute manner to the corporate clientele on the one hand and to the ordinary on the other, throughout the island.

Our History

-To begin with, we launched our operations in the year 2008, supplying and servicing IT hardware, software and peripherals.

-In the very same year, we were appointed a HP business partner by HP to market state of the art products and solutions with high-end support in HP laptops, desktops, servers and printers.

-We have been amply provided with technical experiences to service a wide range of IT equipment from personal computers to more complex computer networks.

-We have been receiving IT expertise and equipment from countries such as the USA, UK, France, Japan, China, Hong kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Mexico and Internationally renewed IT brands such as HP, HPE, Dell, Microsoft, Kaspersky, Toshiba, Prolink, Samsung and Brother.


we look forward to making our presence soundly felt in the realm of Information Technology in every nook and comer of Sri Lanka in years to come.


Associated with internationally recognized IT brands and peripherals since inception,our focus has always been on customer friendliness, courtesy,punctuality and above all professionalism.

Financial Growth and Strength

Financial growth and strength – Over the past 10 years the company’s firm financial stability has vastly benefited all its suppliers and vendors with unlimited credit lines.

After sales support system

– Customer Reporting Problem Make a Call to 0115-746800.

– Evaluate Collecting Information by Technical department. 

– Try to resolve problem over the phone (if not step 04).

– Allocating an engineer from the pool to Attend the problem.

– Updating all the information with relevant Department.

– Problem will resolve by allocated an engineer.