With the mass surge in remote work, the usage of emails has increased considerably. According to a survey result, there has been an approximately 34% increase in the overall email volume since the last year. Also, remote workers stay connected to their office networks more often than not. Coupled with the uncertainty of the situation, this increase in email volume and connectivity has given an increased avenue for attackers to exploit any weaknesses in a small business’ security system.

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Attackers are likely to pose as government organizations, or global or public health centers distributing important updates pertaining to the pandemic to induce users to open the email and download a malicious attachment or click on a suspicious link. One of the most grave concerns is that phishing emails now seem more realistic and legitimate than ever, and can get past even cautious Internet users. In another survey, 53% of responders stated that they witnessed rise in phishing activity since the pandemic started.

The time and efforts required to detect and recover from a phishing attack can cost your business a lot in terms of productivity and finance. Thus, it is necessary to take preventive steps to avoid such situations. Let us see how the HP EliteBook series can protect your employees from phishing.

Preventing phishing attacks with the HP EliteBook Series
The HP EliteBook series are some of HP’s most secure range of business laptops. They are equipped with a suite of essential security features that protect your device from BIOS to browser.

These features include HP Sure Click and HP Sure Sense – advanced protections that proactively prevent threats and ensure fast recovery in case a breach occurs.

HP Sure Sense uses deep learning and AI to spot never-seen-before malware attacks and prevent the user from entering personal credentials on suspicious links. HP Sure Click does not merely depend on detection of malware. If your employee opens any suspicious file or link, it runs in an isolated virtual container separated from the rest of the system and is disposed after the file completes running, thus preventing any malware from affecting the PC.

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